Terms and conditions for domestic appliance repairs

Important: these terms and conditions constitute your agreement with ABC Maintenance London and will apply to your service order. It is the responsibility of the customer to familiarize themselves with terms of service, prior to allowing our technician to commence provision of service. Allowing our technician to commence service constitutes acceptance of all terms and conditions detailed.

  1. APPOINTMENTS: All appointments are scheduled within no more than 3 hours window. Part installation appointments will not be scheduled until the part(s) have arrived. All appointments are set based on the earliest availability in a convenient for the customer time.
  2. CANCELLATIONS: Appointments may be cancelled prior to 24 hours. Any appointments cancelled less than 24 hours prior to appointment may be subject to a £25.00 cancellation fee. In the event that a customer cannot be reached or is not home at the time of the visit, ABC Maintenance London will consider this to be a cancellation and the customer may be subject to a cancellation fee. We urge customers to contact the office immediately if they cannot keep their scheduled appointment.
  3. DIAGNOSTICS FEE: First thing that ABC Maintenance London performs is to do diagnostics of the faulty appliance. The diagnostics fee is different for any appliance. Once the problem is identified, the diagnostics fee is applicable, and we provide a further quote for the repair. If the engineer has the part in stock in his van, with customer approval, we can fix the appliance immediately. If a part is needed, we will order the part, and once it arrives we will install it to your appliance. If the repair is found to be uneconomical we will provide few replacement options. If the customer does not wish to proceed with the replacement, she will be charged only the initial diagnostics fee.
  4. MULTIPLE UNITS:  ABC Maintenance London frequently books calls for customers with multiple units. A diagnostics fee will be charged for each unit. A £10.00 discount will be applied to each additional unit.
  5. DIAGNOSTICS: The appliance must be installed in an accessible way for the service technician. Based on the customer’s description of the issue, the technician will diagnose the unit and determine what kind of repair(s) will be necessary to resolve the issue(s). Due to the complexity of appliances, there can be an additional underlying issue(s). In the event of an underlying issue(s) after the initial repair, an additional FREE diagnosis and estimate will be provided. If a technician cannot duplicate the customer’s complaint on the unit, the customer will be responsible for the service call fee which equals the diagnostics charge for the unit.
  6. QUOTES: Quotes will be valid for 30 days. Payment of parts and/or labour indicates approval and complete agreement by the customer to have ABC Maintenance London repair the appliance at the price quoted.
  7. PARTS: Technicians have the most commonly replaced parts in their vehicle stock. The other parts will be ordered within 24 hours of the initial visit. Depending on part availability, most parts will arrive within 1-5 business days. Special order parts may take longer. Unfortunately, we can only relay ETA information given to our company by our part distributors. Once the part has arrived, our office will contact the customer to schedule the part installation. ABC Maintenance London reserves the right to retain old parts and components that have been replaced by an ABC Maintenance London technician.
  8. MAINTENANCE: Problems with appliances may be caused solely by lack of routine maintenance. Sometimes just maintenance may resolve the problem. Maintenance may be needed or required before repair or during a repair. Maintenance is not a repair or part of repair labour. Maintenance is non-refundable.
  9. PAYMENT: ABC Maintenance London accepts cash, check, debit and credit cards. Payment is due at time of initial visit. ABC Maintenance London requires customers to pay for total diagnostics cost, once it is done, and for the repair once the latter has been completed. For works that exceed £300, we require payment in advance of half of the amount. The payment terms are negotiable for corporate customers. 
  10. LATE PAYMENTS: Payment is due at time of service. If your account becomes past due the following actions will be taken:
    1. 30 days past due: £20.00 late fee will be accessed per invoice
    2. Returned/Canceled Check Fee: Customer agrees to pay a £25.00 returned/ cancelled check fee.
  11. REFUSAL OF PAYMENT: If the customer refuses to pay to the service technician, ABC Maintenance London reserves the right to expedite account to collections.
  12. COMPLETED REPAIR: Once the repair is complete, the customer will be asked to review and test the appliance. The customer will sign ABC Maintenance London invoice when repair on the appliance is completed. This shows the customer has examined and approved the work that has been done. Payment of services in full will also indicate that the customer has reviewed and tested the appliance and the service is completed to their satisfaction. No refunds will be issued on completed repairs.
  13. REFUNDS: Refunds may be issued on a case-by-case basis at the technician’s discretion. Refunds may take up to 2 weeks to process. The following parts cannot be refunded: control boards and/or special order parts
  14. WARRANTY: ABC Maintenance offers a 365-day warranty on all parts and labour. If a problem arises within this time, we urge customers to contact ABC Maintenance London at 020 3432 3392  immediately so we may schedule a follow-up appointment to address the issue. The warranty will be effective on the part installation date for a period of 1 year on both parts and labour. If a technician is dispatched on a unit under warranty and the complaint cannot be duplicated, the service technician will not perform any other action, other than testing the unit. If a technician is dispatched more than two times under warranty and cannot detect an error within the unit, the customer may be held liable for a service fee.
    1. Warranty will be void if:
      • Routine maintenance is neglected
      • Improper use of the appliance
      • A unit is removed/uninstalled
      • A unit is damaged by weather
      • Damage or interference by anyone else, other than ABC Maintenance London
      • Non-payment of service
    2. Customer Responsibilities:
      • Ensure an individual 18 years or older is present at the time of service
      • Ensure a form of payment will be available for the ABC Maintenance London technician during the scheduled visit
      • Ensure the appliance is readily accessible to the technician:
        • Emptying the appliance if possible
        • The unit must be installed.
  15. DISCOUNTS: Discounts will be offered after a valid ID is verified by an ABC Maintenance London service technician. Discounts are effective for labour only.
    1. 10% – Senior Citizen discount (60+ years of age)
    2. 10% – Disabled person
  16. REFUSAL OF SERVICE: ABC Maintenance London reserves the right to refuse service to a customer at the service technician’s discretion.

Service will be refused if: A customer cannot accommodate the service technician, the customer is being disrespectful or belligerent, if service technician feels threatened in any way or form, a customer is not properly dressed upon arrival of the service technician. a customer has been or is being, disruptive, a customer harasses the service technician when there are health and safety concerns when a customer refuses to pay for services and/ or when a customer is intoxicated or under the influence of illegal drugs or illegal drugs are present.

All Parking and congestion charge fees related to the job are covered by the customer.