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Professional appliance services for your Restaurant, Pub, Local Grocery shop, Hotel, or Laundry


If you have a business and you are looking for someone to repair or service your appliances on a regular basis, or if you are looking for a comprehensive real estate maintenance services, you are on the right place!


Has an important appliance of yours started showing signs of wear and tear? When an appliance stops working, it can bring business to a halt. At ABC Maintenance London, our speciality is commercial appliance repair, and our mission is to save you the hassle and cost of replacing broken appliances when sometimes all that's needed is a little tweaking to get them running again.

At ABC Maintenance London, we believe that if your business runs well, so it will be for ours. If your case is an emergency, we will do everything possible to provide you same day service at no additional cost. When you call us, we'll take the time to diagnose the problem at hand and implement the most effective fix. Our professional repair team wants nothing more than to help you running successfully your business

Don't hurry to replace your failing appliances. They might be easily fixed by our team of professional appliance engineers. For more information about our commercial appliance repair services or to request a quote for your business, call ABC Maintenance today.

We provide appliance maintenance plans for business appliances which include 4 visits per year. We will check whether your appliance is in a good working order, and do the necessary service. For fridges, we will check the gas pressure in the system, and clean the fridge condenser unit (ventilation plus pipes). We can provide a professional cleaning of your appliances as well. For ovens, we will check if all elements are in a good working order and a general check of the appliance. For dishwashers, we will do a check of the heating element, descale the machine, and provide a general appliance working order check.

Real Estate Agencies, Letting Agencies, Short Let Agents


If you are a real estate agency we can offer you a full package of maintenance services. Please contact us, and depending on the services included, you may be eligible for one of our discounts for business customers.

If you are a landlord, we can fully manage the maintenance of your properties. Either you need to redecorate a room after the end of tenancy or you have a plumbing, electrical or any other maintenance issue we can give you a quote and fix it immediately after your approval.

We have absolutely transparent pricing for our customers.

Business appliance repairs labour fee is £70 per hour plus parts if any. After the second hour, the fee is £35 per hour. There is a minimum charge of one hour. For our full pricing list click here.